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July 15th, 2011 | Posted by Ajax Union in kids school uniforms

kids school uniformsI remember the first day of school so vividly. The excitement, the crisp canvas Jansport backpacks, the new boys school uniforms, getting to school and seeing the new faces and the faces that you recognize from years past but which you’ve never had classes with, the teacher, the classroom that will become home over the next months, all of it unsettled before routine sets in. Then as the warmth of September gives way to the ripe autumn, we need new boys school pants because the others already have a rip in the knee from playing rough. Amid the new found routine there is the unexpected, and for that there is S&D Kids Online.

No matter what happens, boys school pants and Jansport bookbags, girls school skirts and uniforms for girls are always available here. Drop by weekly, where we’ll let you know about what the kids are wearing this year, as well as how to make your child look nice and appropriate for yet another year. We’ll even feature stories and anecdotes about the school year and tips about how to prepare for September.

So welcome to the S&D Kids Online Blog. We have all the information about kids school uniforms you need!


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