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Measuring for Boys School Pants

September 19th, 2011 | Posted by christinem in kids school uniforms

When it comes to measuring for your son and his school uniform, it doesn’t have to be as tough as it seems. You can follow a few simple steps and make sure his boys school pants fit properly no matter what he’s doing, whether sitting in class or running for the bus in the morning.

Before you make any measurements, you want your son to adjust the pair of pants to where he will be wearing them, NOT where you think they should be. You have to be realistic about where they may fall and be comfortable. You should measure around the waist, just below the navel, for an accurate waist measurement. Measuring at this slightly wider point will allow for space for shirts to be tucked in.

For length, measure from the middle of the crotch seam to the bottom of the pants hem. The length should be to about the middle of the shoe, to at least the top of the heel. You can always add an extra inch to account for growing, as kids always are!

Make sure your son’s boys school pants are the right fit and they’ll be perfect for him for at least the semester, hopefully the whole year before he grows too much!

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