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Keeping Boys School Uniforms Clean

October 19th, 2011 | Posted by christinem in kids school uniforms

Boys will be boys. That saying of so few words, explains so much! Boys just have a habit of loving to rough house and get into all kinds of trouble. Often that trouble includes getting their clothes pretty dirty, especially if they are younger. But when you buy boys school uniforms, you don’t want to spend that money to have it ruined in such a short amount of time!

Keeping them clean shouldn’t be that hard, though. You just need to make sure to tend to stains as soon as they happen, spot cleaning before throwing a shirt or pair of pants in the washing machine. You can teach your son how to use a stain removal pen. They are easy to carry in the backpack and they can use it in case they get something on them while at school. It’ll help break up the stain until he gets home and you can wash it.

Make sure you dry boys school uniforms on light or gentle cycle, or air them out to dry. You don’t want the shirt to shrink and not fit him when he needs it most!

Take good care of their uniforms and you’ll have them last you for a good long while!

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