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Boys School Pants And Proper Hemming

December 28th, 2011 | Posted by christinem in kids school uniforms

When it comes to buying boys school pants, sometimes you get scared that you’ll buy pants too long or too short. You don’t know which way to go about it and sometimes, you don’t even have a choice. The waist size that works right for your kid may automatically come with a super long or short pant leg. So, you’ll probably have to get the pants hemmed.

When bringing boys school pants for hemming, the best sort of hem to get is having some fabric pinned up, instead of just cut off. That way as your child grows in height, you can just bring down the hem instead of  buying new pants. And that pair that was once too long, now fits great.

You should also be careful not to alter the pants too much that they then don’t adhere to dress guidelines. Though your son may not love the fit overall, it may be that way for a reason, and too much alteration could get him in trouble when his uniform doesn’t look the same as that of other students.

Be careful when hemming, whether yourself or hiring a professional, and your son will look great in his school pants for the entire school year.


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