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Tips for Wearing A Backpack

February 20th, 2012 | Posted by kristing in backpacks

Back pain is common in adults and children. It is caused by a good many things such as improper posture, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, or carrying backpacks that are packed improperly.

Many children are carrying backpacks incorrectly. Here are some tips to keep your child’s back from pain and other problems.

– Use a lightweight fabric backpack like the North Face backpacks. These are lighter materials that are also tough enough to carry heavy loads

– Make sure the straps are thick and padded.

– Be sure the straps are adjusted properly. The backpack should sit two inches above the waist and just below the nape of the neck. Don’t wear the backpack too low near the rear.

– Be sure that it contours to the back. North face jester backpacks have padded backs and sit snugly against the back.

– Teach children to only carry what they need and nothing extra.

– Be sure to pack the heaviest objects first before others. This will be sure that the weight is evenly distributed and closer to the core of the back. This will save shoulders from unnecessary pain.

– Kids shouldn’t have to hunch forward to carry the backpack. If they do, the pack is too heavy for them. Posture is very important when carrying heavy loads.

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