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Firm Ogranic Crib Mattresses

April 30th, 2012 | Posted by KristenM in mattresses

organic crib mattressIf you thought purchasing a mattress for yourself was an involved ordeal, try purchasing an organic crib mattress for your newborn. Every purchase for a baby is a pretty big deal actually. You have to be very careful about what you purchase to ensure your child’s safety. Now when you buy a mattress for yourself, you might prefer a softer mattress over a firm one and you might think the same should be true for your baby. They enjoy soft, plush things right?

Actually choosing a soft Naturepedic mattress is actually not a good choice at all! While clothing and toys should be super soft and plush, a mattress for a baby should be very firm. Think about it. Babies do not have the strength to roll over. They should always be placed on their backs when they sleep. If they do in fact roll over onto their stomachs, they could become stuck in that position. If theĀ  mattress if very soft, they could actually suffocate. But at least with a firm mattress, their faces cannot sink into it.

Never skimp when it comes to your newborn and always choose quality brand name mattresses that are firm. It may seem uncomfortable but it will keep them safe.

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