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Plenty of Ties and Socks Available

May 15th, 2012 | Posted by KristenM in kids school uniforms | S&D Kids

French Toast uniformsNo kids school uniform would be complete without some accessories. A child’s uniform is made up of more than just tops and bottoms. If you’re child is trying to get away with athletic socks with this dress slacks, he needs a talk about what constitutes dress attire. Private schools that require uniforms tend to be strict about every article of clothing. Everything has to be in line, right down to the socks.

Boys should be wearing white, black, navy, or grey crew socks, depending on the color of his pants. White and grey socks will look much nicer with khaki colored pants, while navy and black should be worn with darker colored pants. There’s nothing worse than black pants and white socks, at any age! S&D Kids also provides ties and belts. Ties are always a must, but even if your son’s pants fit him well, he should always wear a belt.

For girls, they will be required to wear either knee high socks or tights. Tights will keep her warmer in the winter and socks will be much cooler in the spring and fall. Some schools may also require a cross tie which S&D Kids can also provide. Find everything you need for kids school uniforms at affordable prices.

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