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Jansport Backpacks for Summer Fun and Back to School.

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by tristanl in backpacks


Jansport Backpack

Wow, has it been that long. Have Jansport backpacks really been around long enough that our kids are already wearing them? My oh my, how the time does fly. I remember being a little kid back when, well, back when Jansport backpacks were a new and cool thing. The  kind of piece I associated with cool teenagers, teenagers who had flat tops and walk-men. Those were good times, and now your child can proudly wear their super-cool backpack to school, just like you did, just like the big kids.

Jansport backpacks come in a variety of styles, but we all know the iconic one-pocket Superbreak model is the one to get.  As luck would have it, S&D kids carries the superbreak in an array of colors and patterns; from basic black and green to all types of plaid and camoflagues. Whatever your child’s taste’s there’s probably a Jansport bag out there for them.

The added plus of Jansport bags is their price and durability. For less than $40 a Jansport backpack provides a tough 600 denier nylon base material, and several external pockets and pouches that are perfect for storing all the little things that might get lost in the bottom of the pack’s main compartment.

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