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What to Look for in a Kid’s Backpack

August 13th, 2012 | Posted by tristanl in backpacks | S&D Kids

North Face Jester

Kids can be endlessly picky.  They hate vegetables, won’t stop watching TV and do not want to be seen with their parents after the age of ten. Fair enough, but when you have to buy these little monsters a new everything every 12 months, the pickiness quickly gets to wear on you. Why not buy them things that they won’t be quickly tired of, like a North Face backpack?  North Face makes many different styles of packpack that are kid-approved and ready for school day adevntures. The North Face Jester model is just one such pack that comes to mind. With it’s large capacity and the technical hiking look of the North Face Jester, it is likely to satisfy tweenaged boys and girls everywhere.

If the North Face Jester doesn’t fit the bill, at least keep a few things in mind when purchasing your child’s backpack. Such as how long will it last? Is this pack well made enough to get your kid at least a couple of years? Also consider fit and how your child is going to wear it. If it sags down below their waist and is full of 30 pounds of books, the pack likely won’t be the most comfortable piece on the market. Consider your child’s health and posture!

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